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Vila warm sweater & gold Primark necklace

It is officially cold in the Netherlands, we cannot run and also cannot hide...well actually probably if we ran, chances are you at least get warm; thats what I do nearly every morning running after the train! Ya es oficialmente super frio en Holanda, no podemos correr ni tampoco escondernos...bueno la verdad si hacemos un maraton ahora entraremos

Su Chen’s

When I first moved to Holland, I went through very crazy adventures getting to find a good beauty salon that fits with what I really want. I had my eye brows over plucked; till I look like Edith that time at least it was in fashion to look like that, but I just looked ridiculous, having a horrible allergy reaction due to waxing, badly

Wedding guest in Barcelona

I happen to find it very hard to find clothes for special events in stores around where I live. For this time it was really hard and the funny thing was I ordered 5 dresses online and I had to return 4 as they didn't really look true to the web in real life. But finally I had to make my choice 4 days before the wedding, I cannot get another

From Shanghai back to Barcelona :)

Hello Everyone, Hello to all beauty addicts out there :) Hola a todos, My obsession with beauty and specially skincare started about 4 years ago when I moved from Barcelona to Shanghai and had so many skin problems due to pollution. So I started searching on products that would suit my skin but also fight the heavy pollution in Shanghai, and be