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Warm beach day

Photographer: EstelleDeWolff  Jumsuit: Store in Bali Necklace & Bracelet: Evil eye from Turkey Sandals: Nine West Clutch: LV Sara Wallet

Autumn Leaves…

After such a difficult summer to describe, I hereby come back again to the blogging world. I have a seperate blog post for my summer holidays drama in Bali here. But it was the worst I have experienced up to date, emotionally speaking, seeing someone you love on the verge of dying in a foreign country is the worst experience ever. Anyways, things

Bali – A nightmare in paradise…

Last saturday, we put closure to what has been the worst holiday we ever had; by ironically having dinner in an Indonesian Restaurant in Breda called Bali, which happens to be one of our favourite restaurant in the area. As the "Rijsttafel" was been displayed before our eyes, my hubby and I started discussing the fact of been so grateful to be