Before I start, I want to say that it is really luxury at its best and in this post I will indicate why... Antes de empezar debo decir que realmente es lujo absoluto a todos los niveles y a continuacion indicare el porque... First of all, I got to know this brand only about a year and some months ago since I live in the Netherlands. Considering


NS is the public transport here in the Netherlands for those of you outside Holland or unaware of it. And for me it stands for the: Nightmare of Sabrina. I think and I am not kidding when I say that, the very first complicated words in Dutch that I have learned were "rijdt niet", "onze excuses", "machinist", "Storings" ...whenever I hear these

The Dutch, The Weather, The Cows…

Oh! the Dutch and the weather, this constant subject that pops up in parties, in weddings, in gatherings, in dinners, in the Gemeente (city hall)…etc once you LIVE in Holland. At the very beginning when I used to come for visits to the Netherlands I used to think, “Poooff I must be a very boring person as they are always avoiding to have a real

Rebecca Minkoff – Mini Mac Bag in Lipstick

I have to say that I was really happy to receive my bag from the US in less than 4 days, but what I was not happy about is that I had to pay 34€ extra! for the taxes here once it arrived to Holland; while checking out for my order online, it indicated all is included, which I really don’t understand. Same happens to me when I want to order from

I Love Istanbul

We went for a long weekend to Istanbul and since then I have been beating myself up as to why I have not been there earlier.  I absolutely fell in love with Istanbul, in some way or another I find it to be like me; a cocktail mix of Arabic flare, Western, past, present, modern, history and a sprinkle of a lot of spices that makes this city so

Romantic weekend in Vienna

Before I went to Vienna, I only knew the Austrians from Skiing vacation and a long time vacation in a beautiful mountain place that I no longer can pronounce, where there was hardly people living only few very old Austrians...but I remember a very delicious red forest cakes mmmmm.  But Vienna ohhhh, I was so ignorant. My first though right now

Happy 2012

It is my first year in the Netherlands, and officially will move here on 4th January 2012. It is that time of year where you want to change your hair, complete all the list of new year resolutions, conquer the world...bla bla bla and then after new year fever is gone...all that stays history and fades bit by bit... Happy New Year to all. Es mi
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