One sunny day & Dior Addict It-Lash

I am currently sick at home this week due to an operation but I guess it should be the perfect time to get more updates on my blog which I never seem to have enough time for. Today, I finally was able to stand a bit more and walk a little bit, the past days have been really tough but luckily today I am feeling a little better…and therefore I am sharing this look for past weeks, where I also started using a new Mascara that I am loving. I occasionally love to wear blue mascaras I just feel they give a nice cheerful look and make my eyes look even bigger…or maybe that is just me!!!


The look is pretty simple, with more colour on the shoes…had my LV wallet in my hands as I was about to go out for grocery shopping.


Loving the H&M line Conscious which I think most of my tops are from right now.


The tight beautiful skirt is from Zara that I bought months ago…but was too cold to wear it. Love it, the only downside is that it is elastic and it keeps slipping upwards when I walk!!!


The bright cheerful pumps, super comfortable from Nine West (Old)


And the above is my favourite blue mascara Addict It-Lash from Dior, I have been in love with the Chanel one for ages now but this one I find that it has a much more vibrant blue colour, see below




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