Zara white & Cedars Amsterdam

I am by far the worst blogger ever, I have been so busy with work and life that I had no time to blog, shame on me I know but sometimes I really wish the day had more hours so I can finish all but unfortunately or fortunately it is this way.

Anyways, on friday after work my man and I wanted to celebrate our anniversary going to one of my favourite restaurants in the Netherlands which happens to be a Lebanese restaurant in the beautiful Amsterdam named Cedars. I am a huge lover of Lebanese food and where I live in Noord Brabant there is non, strange but true. I always wonder why Dutch are not more into Lebanese food like in Spain, this type of food is available everywhere, in Barcelona there is even a whole street only Lebanese food!. Anyways, it is always a née excuse for me to go to Amsterdam which happens to be one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands and also the first I ever visited.

Below is the only photo I have of the restaurant and by night, I was having such a pleasant time I forgot to take more photos but in case you are interested I also leave the link here.


Now to my outfit; more than a couples of weeks now I must say, I bought this really unique skirt from Zara or at least I find it unique so decided to share considering had a lot of positive remarks about it in the office.


Don’t you find the white details on it beautiful?. The rest of the photos to follow is how I combined it and also the makeup I use. 


The white top is also from Zara and with an open cut at the back, I liked it so much that I also have it in a light green colour. 



And usual for those interested, the makeup I have used for this look although you cannot really see clearly my face since all photos have been take by my Iphone5S. Except the one below is with my NikonD3200. 

That’s all, hope you all had a great and sunny weekend specially all of us here in The Netherlands that we are much more deprived. 




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