Vitacreme B12


I have been using this cream for more than 6 years and I have it all the time in my bag and I cannot believe I never mentioned it before. If I were to explain it in one word, its complete!. Originally, apparently it was given by doctors when patients had surgery to regenerate the skin, they prescribed this cream for them. I discovered it years ago when I lived in Shanghai and I never stopped buying and I practically use it for everything:

– Over night as a night treatment when I see when skin dull.

– As a makeup base or primer.

– Over a pimple or a scar.

– Cracked skin, dry patches or a scar.

– As an after sun in summer.

– On my elbows for hydration.

– On my cuticles specially with cold weather they get very dry.

– As hand cream over night so effective…in the morning super soft hands.

– On my forehead every night to prevent wrinkles after my skincare routine.

– On rush or insect bites. 


Light pink paste that absorbed very quickly with no overwhelming scent.


Max: 20$, I only buy it online but some people apparently can find it in their pharmacies. I personally buy it from: 





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