SKII – Skin Signature Eye Cream

SKII Skin signature eye cream

If there is always a product that I am constantly looking for; it is the perfect eye cream but I have not yet found the 100% perfect one… just close to perfect!. As a devoted SKII user, it is only normal that up to date, the best eye cream I have come across is the one mentioned above, now I say this because when trying another cream because I was out of my SKII, I honestly noticed the difference.


– Light & creamy textures that literally melts in your skin.

– Absorbs relatively quickly.

– Has no scent.

– A jar lasts you up to 6-9 months, used both day & night.

– You only need a little bit!.

– Best I have found for dryness.

Best I have found for under eye circles. (P.S. I wake up at 6am every single day for work)


The price range 51 – 69 euros in Asia, in Europe its higher.

– The lack of availability in normal stores.

– For better prices, must be bought online which will take long to ship. (From Asia)

– Ok with fine lines but not a miracle maker!

I must say though; that I really really love very much the light texture of this cream, this is why sometimes on the weekends when I have no make up on, I apply it several times a day. It has been the best that I was able to find so far against dark circles and dryness which is my main concerns.

If you are interested in getting it at a better price than in Europe, please check out the website below from Hong Kong. I read some people get SKII from ebay at a better price but in my case I am just not that used to ebay nor do I really trust it that much. So I buy mine from: or Unless someone close to me is going to Asia then I just ask for it to be brought directly from there which is even better as I always end up having a better package with essence extra or something like that, but unfortunately that is only available in Asia, those are moments where I miss living there!.



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