La Mer – The Radiant Concealer SPF25

I am out of my concealer so I went out to venture into buying the one and only, la creme de la creme; La Mer-The radiant concealer, before I have used La Créme from the brand and find it amazing but really expensive.

I have read a lot about this concealer, saw youtube videos and everyone seems to be very fond of it since it also has skincare benefits against dark circles which I have a lot as I wake up at 6am to go to work every single day. I needed something good, easy to apply and effective.

La Mer packaging

Now first of all, I must say I am super happy with Douglas Netherlands, if you make an order before 18pm, you receive your order the next day even on a saturday and in my village so I am very happy about that. Generally I wait till Thursday koop avond of Breda (shopping night in Breda) to be able to check out all the stuff in Douglas as the closest one for me is in Breda.

Now to the product itself, the packaging as you see above is simply beautiful and it is little luxury in a white & silver pot!. It comes in a small white leather pouch and a small brush, which to be honest I don’t find very useful, I feel it puts more product than I actually need.

There is a little mirror inside once open which also I don’t use, as mentioned before I put generally my makeup everyday around 7:27am when I am in the Fyra (speed train to Rotterdam) so I don’t like a lot of fuzz, I have a compact powder from Bobbi Brown of which I use the mirror to put my makeup.

La Mer 2

I don’t use foundation, only occasionally BB or CC cream so a good concealer is a priority for me. The consistency is very creamy, easy to apply, once applied it transforms in a sort of powdery finish but in a nice way.

I apply it with my fingers and I must say that you really don’t need a lot for both eyes which also means this will last me forever knowing that I sometimes apply makeup only once a day and do minor touch ups by the end of the day.

There are only 3 Colours, so Light, Medium or Dark. I have the medium one and I find it very light so make sure that you swatch at the store before buying as I think in my case it would be a combo between medium and dark since I read online that light is very very light.

It conceals & brightens super good, the only negative I have with it (aside from the price, but we all know that!) is that against all hypes or maybe I am doing something wrong, it does get into fine lines and highlight them even more which is exactly what we all want to avoid.

I was told by a friend that it looks super good on me and that I just should put some silicone base or something to fill in the lines that way I have a perfect finish but again that would mean an extra product which I don’t like! I am more about less make up and more skincare, my obsession with skincare is beyong normal that way I can use as little as possible makeup.

I also, noticed that if your eye area is not hydrated enough, it might look a little chalky once you put it on so be aware of that as in this case the product will look really cheap on you!

If anyone using this product and has a suggestion please let me know, does it really work better with a base underneath it? I want a nice natural look with a brightening effect but not too heavy looking.




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