Valentine’s Day Outfit

The Outfit The Details Dress: Missguided, Bag: Delvaux, Panties: Calzedonia, Shoes & Necklace: Zara The Makeup Perfume: J'adore YSL, Primer: Benefit, Mascara: MaxFactor, Highlighter: YSL, Concealer: RMS, Blush: Dior, Brush: Everyday Minerals, Lipbalm: Hema, Lipstick: Catrice

Constant search for glooooowwwww!

I don't know how many times I have been fooled directly into buying a product, just because it had the magic word "Glow" as the main result after using it. And I remain until today looking for all those fooling products that claim to make your skin glow outside & protect it from inside bla bla bla... So from all those foolish moments... below

Surviving winter

In Copenhagen with my ski jacket these past holidays. Since I live in the Netherlands now for two years, I have learned a thing or two on how to survive the winter, as my home Barcelona cannot really teach me about that. These are some things that have made winter or the cold days more pleasant ;) Investing in a good pair of boots is super

Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm

So I picked up this lip balm as a replacement recommended by the sales women at Ici Paris because they didn't have the one I wanted from Chanel. So she was raving at how great it is and all that and I even tried it. At the beginning seeing that it was a light honey looking balm I sort of knew that it is not the typically consistency of balms that I

Su Chen’s

When I first moved to Holland, I went through very crazy adventures getting to find a good beauty salon that fits with what I really want. I had my eye brows over plucked; till I look like Edith that time at least it was in fashion to look like that, but I just looked ridiculous, having a horrible allergy reaction due to waxing, badly

Model for a day…

I was asked to be a face for a brochure for a Spa here in the Netherlands, in Gouda. It was through a Dutch girl friend who though I fit perfectly for what they were looking for and recommended me for this. So I was very happy to do it and I am sharing the photos now with you. the Spa is: Me han preguntado para ser imagen para un

Sun day…Mask day

Every sunday I have a ritual that I follow every single week unless I am out or I am not in my own house. It is the only way to keep my skin clean on a cheap cause it would be really pricey & I am guessing not healthy to have a facial every week. Cada domingo sigo un ritual y lo sigo cada semana solo si estoy fuera de casa. Es la unica manera
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