Kiehls Eye Cream with Avocado

I want to make a short review on this strange but amazing eye cream. First I want to say that I have my pot since last year and I only use it on night time and sometimes during the day in the weekends when am at home without much stuff on my face. Quiero escribir brevemente sobre esta crema que es muy rara y increíble al mismo tiempo. En primer

Dior Creme Abricot

It's a dark orange colour, very sticky, smells of peaches lighty, oily and has the same exact packaging as the Dior Rose Lipbalm here & also shown in photo as well. Very nice on your night table and also in your bag. I am huge user of Dior products and most products have worked really well, so since I am so much into my nails, I decided to get

SKII – Skin Signature Eye Cream

If there is always a product that I am constantly looking for; it is the perfect eye cream but I have not yet found the 100% perfect one... just close to perfect!. As a devoted SKII user, it is only normal that up to date, the best eye cream I have come across is the one mentioned above, now I say this because when trying another cream because I