Etten-Leur saturday

This morning I was invited to go to see the opening of my favourite Spa in Etten-Leur; Su Chen. And then after that the usual saturday shopping in AH, Kruidvat...etc. Esta mañana estaba invitada para la nueva apertura de mi Spa favorito en Etten-Leur; Su Chen. Y luego claro como casi cada sabado hacer las compras de comida...etc Since it was not

Wedding guest in Barcelona

I happen to find it very hard to find clothes for special events in stores around where I live. For this time it was really hard and the funny thing was I ordered 5 dresses online and I had to return 4 as they didn't really look true to the web in real life. But finally I had to make my choice 4 days before the wedding, I cannot get another

Zara with H&M

This has been my Casual Friday OOTD. it is a new shirt I got from H&M this past weekend and I really really like everything about it and all the front details, it looks a bit vintage like...Link Para el viernes (no formal) en la oficina, elegi algo muy comodo y nuevo que acabo de comprar este pasado fin de semana y me encanta todo


Another day at the office, it has been pretty calm today as a lot of companies are still on holidays. I am pretty happy to have received my new Nine West shoes that I ordered online. I love them and they are so comfortable that way I couldn't wait to wear them. So here goes the details of my office outfit of today & how I looked; it is a little

Happy 2012

It is my first year in the Netherlands, and officially will move here on 4th January 2012. It is that time of year where you want to change your hair, complete all the list of new year resolutions, conquer the world...bla bla bla and then after new year fever is gone...all that stays history and fades bit by bit... Happy New Year to all. Es mi
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