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Current April Favourites 2015 Well I managed to make another video but again on my computer since I really have no time nor does my Nikon Camera work with me! for some crazy reason. Anyways, I guess I will figure it out eventually.  Most explanation is in the video, but most items mentioned are featured in photos below: SKII

Misscha First Treatment Essence 150ml

Life has been simply way too busy and therefore had no time to post a proper blog post, I posted once in a while some updates or photos on both FB and Instagram but for the blog I simply had no time for the whole process. So here I am back again with a short review. If you read my skincare regimen here you will notice that I am obsessed with SKII

All time Asia favourites

It is of no surprise to those who know me or read my blog that I have a clear disease and obsession with all skincare / makeup from Asia specially from Korea & Japan. Below are the products of which; some I have been using and repurchasing for over 8 years now, that says it all I think. Para aquellos que me conocen o leen este blog, sabrán que

Best combo in winter for skin

Since it has become cold, there is a ritual in my skincare routine that I have been doing for the past two months and I have seen a very positive result on my skin. My skin is clearer and radiant.  First of all, I have combination skin with the occasional breakouts specially on my chin in that specific moment of the month. And also once it is cold

“Ordinaire” Chic…

Top: Mango (old), Shorts: Bershka (Old), Boots: Yesstyle (old) Clutch: Zara (last year), Necklace & Bracelet: HRH Collection, Watch: Michael Kors, Rings + Stud-earings: H&M (now in stores) The Clothes The Face Skincare: SKII Aura + Vitacreme + my routine, Makeup: Chanel Le Blanc, Concealer: Giorgio Armani + Dior, Mascara:

SKII – Skin Signature Eye Cream

If there is always a product that I am constantly looking for; it is the perfect eye cream but I have not yet found the 100% perfect one... just close to perfect!. As a devoted SKII user, it is only normal that up to date, the best eye cream I have come across is the one mentioned above, now I say this because when trying another cream because I

Constant search for glooooowwwww!

I don't know how many times I have been fooled directly into buying a product, just because it had the magic word "Glow" as the main result after using it. And I remain until today looking for all those fooling products that claim to make your skin glow outside & protect it from inside bla bla bla... So from all those foolish moments... below
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