Letter to 2014 – Carta para 2014

As far as you are concerned, you have not been very good to me I have to say and therefore I am very happy to leave you behind me 2014. May all the bad and unlucky moments that we had in 2014 stay away from us forever. En lo que le concierne, no has sido tan bueno con nosotros y por lo tanto me alegro muchísimo de decirte " Adios y hasta nunca

Let it snow…

It is finally very cold in The Netherlands, the snow came only a couple of days after Christmas, better timing maybe next year ;). It is so beautiful and clean. I have always loved snow, mainly because I have not grown up with it. Most countries I lived in were Mediterranean or simply didn't snow that much like the case of Shanghai.  Due to that I

Christmas moments…

I hope everyone had a great xmas break, with family filled with Love, health and lots of happiness. Below are some of our moments of xmas.  Xmas Tree Center piece One of the sweet corners of the house. The table setting, slightly more colourful than last year ;) Gold shoes & red nail polish are a must every single my

Weekend Anniversary in Luxembourg

For our 4 year anniversary, my hubby and I went for a short romantic weekend to a country that is so nearby and Michel has passed by several times by it from the highway but never went there either.  It is small, quiet, clean, beautiful, peaceful, has amazing patisserie and delicious chocolate, and apparently the cheapest cigarets but not really

November Favourites

Sorry it has been taking forever but it is just has been so hectic and busy this month that I decided to make a video of it to make it easier, but turns out it took me even more time to edit and all that. So was not smart. Anyways, hopefully you like the video, let me know what you think and please find below the list of all what I have been

Tuna Pasta Salad

It is simple, easy and cheap and on the days that I really don't feel like cooking this is my go to dinner plate as I always have Tuna & Tomatoes at home. What you will need: - Olive Oil - Lemon (if not available, white vinegar) - Green onions (if not available, chalots) - Green Tomatoes (special for salad) - Fusilli Multicolor Pasta -

Best combo in winter for skin

Since it has become cold, there is a ritual in my skincare routine that I have been doing for the past two months and I have seen a very positive result on my skin. My skin is clearer and radiant.  First of all, I have combination skin with the occasional breakouts specially on my chin in that specific moment of the month. And also once it is cold
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