All time Asia favourites

It is of no surprise to those who know me or read my blog that I have a clear disease and obsession with all skincare / makeup from Asia specially from Korea & Japan. Below are the products of which; some I have been using and repurchasing for over 8 years now, that says it all I think. Para aquellos que me conocen o leen este blog, sabrán que

Green Mint Fever

I have not realised how much stuff I have in this beautiful colour, check it must be the incredible weather that we have been having in Holland recently that really invites to wear or have this color around ;) No me he dado cuanta cuantas cosas en este color tenia, y sino miren abajo...sera que el increíble tiempo que estamos teniendo en

Strasbourg – Valentine’s Celebration Weekend

It is like mini Venice in France, although it is small and can be visited entirely within 2 days, it is very beautiful and worth while a visit. It is German & French, which is pretty funny since the people speak French but the architecture and the heritage is German, with those typical German wooden houses that remind me of an episode of Heidi

Olay Regenerist Luminous Serum & Eye Cream

Well, it has been a long time since I did a post, I went back home to Barcelona to visit my parents, then right now I am with a very bad flu and of course the obvious the older I get the busy daily life gets with family...etc Bueno ha sido demasiado tiempo desde la ultima vez que escribí aquí, pues la verdad volví a Barcelona a visitar a mis

Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Intense – Youth Renewal Serum

Hysterical and in panic as I am for wrinkles, I have been fighting first signs of aging since 6 years or more. I take very good care of my skin and try not to expose it to the sun on peak hours and always always have 50 SPF protection on. Con lo hysterica y loca que soy con las arrugas, he empezado a cuidarme de las arrugas desde mas de 6 anos.

H&M Love ootd

This weekend has been very very windy with us here in Holland. Not much has been done, except the usual preparing everything for the week ahead. Este finde hemos tenido muchísimo viento aquí en Holanda. Aparte de eso, no hemos hecho mucho aparte de lo habitual, preparar todo para la semana que viene.  In the past 2 to 3 years I have become a

Some healthy changes – Algunos cambios sanos

Of course new year, new resolutions, new aims...etc as if we couldn't do that anytime during the year that preceded! its funny but I guess it is psychological, in my case I feel 2014 has been a bad year so I leave it all behind and now I start been more healthy, more active, more conscious...bla bla bla well lets see how long it will last me
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