Blog Action Day 2013 – Human Rights

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For many years I have wondered why certain injustices of human rights still prevail. I say to myself: “we should be more educated, more aware, more tolerant, at least nowadays; we seem to have the means for it and availability”, but yet certain nations seem to move backwards instead of forward.

I am thinking the 23 year old girl, monstrously attacked in india in a bus, I am thinking the women in Syria, Egypt; attacked cause they cried out loud for their voices to be heard.

Where is the limit to all of this? when will it ever stop? and why isn’t it getting better? When I hear or read about these types of happenings, my heart crushes down, tears fill my eyes and my skin shivers with extreme anger and rage.

Then I ask myself is it really only men doing this? Or is it traditions and habits that have been going on for so long and simply cannot be stopped as it is easier the way they are, even if it takes victims along the way…

Lets stop for the moment and reflect on all the *conservative comunities, in reality they all have the base from the same principle, the base of all human beings, Education. All educated under the big fear of preserving honor to the extreme that nowadays it has become a weapon!

Due to fear of shame from society, millions of women in the world hide the incidents of abuse, attacks, rape…it is taboo, it is a disgrace, it is unacceptable.

What I find a disgrace is that 5 men are able to abuse a 23 year old girl in a bus, leading her to death when she had all her life to look forward to and make a difference in this world. HELLOOOOO people that is a disgrace. It is a disgrace that men get paid an average of 20 euros in Egypt during the big demonstrations in Cairo to rape and attack women to prevent them from participating.

Why hold on to traditions, habits which are so hurtful from fear for a new change but above all it is a big hypocrite tragedy that no one wants to change as it would make women more powerful…

What right really does anyone have, on somebody else’s body or somebody else’s life!!

NON!. We are ALL BORN FREE. Not belonging to any religion, Political Party nor football team!

I would like to blame it on men, which I can of course and it is easy but I would like to blame it also on those women that because of shame and because of what others say and stone aged traditions, they just keep going with the rest as usual.

Change has to start somewhere, educate your boys as to respect women, their wifes and their sisters.

I can beat myself up and repeat these words in my head constantly, I can write a blog, make a video, share my voice but again and again I repeat if the *conservative world doesn’t focus on a good education and foment peace, we will never have it.

We all have to do something, it starts from yourself, as a person. Live and let live, don’t impose, and don’t force.

This is in memory for that beautiful, innocent girl in India and much more others that we never hear about.

*I chose to indicate “Conservative World” in order to indicate all nations with these issues regardless of their religion or origin.



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