The Dutch, The Weather, The Cows…


Oh! the Dutch and the weather, this constant subject that pops up in parties, in weddings, in gatherings, in dinners, in the Gemeente (city hall)…etc once you LIVE in Holland.

At the very beginning when I used to come for visits to the Netherlands I used to think, “Poooff I must be a very boring person as they are always avoiding to have a real conversation with me, instead talk me to death about the weather!. What do I care about the weather!?*#”

Well, it took me a while to understand it. It still does sometimes but now I respect it more since I live here. And believe it or not I myself starting to be a little bit Dutch and follow the news and participate in debates at work about what temperature it will be the coming weekend. And even downloaded an application both on my phone & desktop that predicts the temperature in the coming hours!

Not having ever lived in the North, it is hard to understand why on earth do Dutch always talk about the weather and complain all the time about the rain! But they have a point, the weather here is so crazy; it is like my mood on a very very bad day, you can have rain, sun, hail and thunder all in ONE day. And yes I have seen it.

But then, on the other hand and for that I do respect the Dutch a lot; once the sun comes out, the Dutch come out even if it is 5 degrees, Mag niet uit! (never mind) it is sunny. The people at work take the afternoon off, people sit at the terraces instead of inside (in my case am freezing sitting outside, doing the Dutch! Looking like a Michelin Doll)

Been born and lived majority of my life in Mediterranean countries, excluding 3 years in Asia, I never stopped or wondered about appreciating what a great weather we really have until I came to live here.

But then again, yes it does rain a lot in Holland and it is very cold but I cannot imagine Holland any other way. I love Holland, it is a beautiful country, it is always green, you can have any flowers on the face of the earth and at a good price. And above all it has black & white cows that I have an obsession with as they remind me of my grandparents.

I love living here, in the area where I live. Farm land as my colleagues from work in Rotterdam call it and they say to me “we need a passport to cross the river to your side”. And I think, I might live in a small village that even some Dutch can’t even pronounce properly but people here are friendly, down to earth and very pleasant to be with, at least the big majority. And I would not change it to go live else where in Holland …for now, nee señor 😉 still want to enjoy a bit more the country side.



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