Gouverneur Restaurant Curacao

Ohhh my god, I have been in this restaurant the first time around when we were in Curacao and this time we had to go again twice. I just love it. The service is great, the people are so nice and the location is to die for right at the Willemstad Centre looking at the water and the beautiful multicolour buildings. And the food is just DELICIOUSSSSSSSS. They make both your typical meats and fish but also Curacao Style Food which is what I went for and I am still dreaming of it till now ha ha ha. Check below, the images are not that great but you have an idea at least. Their website is also here.

Sorry for the photo quality but the camera was worst so below are photos with my iPhone!

I am only going to say this last thing A DEFINITE TRY IN CURAÇAO. 



French Baguette Bread with herb butter.


Shrimps in Coconut tempura. It is soooo good if you are into fish. I could have had more portions of this!.

Main Course


“Piska Fresku” Caribbean Fish with Creole Sauce – “Karni Stoba” Antillean Style Braised Beef. Must have.


Specialty beef of the day, I cannot remember the name.


“Keshi Yena” – Filled cheese with chicken, plums and pickled onions. Loved it just didn’t like the plums and it is very filling.



We only took Dessert the first time as we didn’t have starters only bread above. And it was Local Tiramisu 😉



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