Easy Veggie Layers

You guys know that I am all about easy cooking. The only time I spend a long time is when there is a special occasion or I am really in a very good mood for cooking which is generally the weekends as I have enough time to be all creative.

So this recipe is created literally one day when I only had these ingredients in the fridge nothing else. So I put them all together and made something with them.

The only change here, is that I always have Onions, Garlic & potatoes in my house but since I have heard about benefits of Tumeric specially fresh one I am starting to put nearly in everything.

So here it is my creation, I am trying to eat less and less red meat, gluten and lactose due to health issues I am having lately.

Ingredientes you will need:


Potatoes, courgette, Onion, garlic, Tumeric, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, salt & pepper. 


Peel all & wash


Cut in the desired shape, better in very thin layers so you can stack them. I use my food processor for that, its faster & better.

With some olive oil crush garlic & turmeric. 


You will get this paste above. Be careful with Tumeric as it stains. 


Season vegetables with Salt & pepper then add turmeric paste.


Olive oil on oven baking dish of your choice. Just a little bit. 


Start layering.


Parsley & tomatoes are optional. You can also change with meat & dried herbs. 


Then tomatoes & died oregano. I cannot live without tomatoes but you can put cheese or bread crumbs. 


In the oven. Mine is slow so I need at least 60 mins. But other ovens can be less. 

Thats how it should look 😉 I put it a bit more the day after for what was left and it was also ok with some burned sides 🙂


Then enjoy 😉



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