Filorga -Sleep & Peel Resurfacing Night Cream

Filorga Sleep & peel

Once again I had to try something that enhances radiance, gives smoother skin and refined skin texture in another words brighter looking skin with less wrinkles and this is why I went and bought it. I must say I got sold on this one from the review on one of the skincare videos of Ruth from the website:, I am a huge fan and I follow her blog as well as her youtube channel religiously. It just happens that we have same skin I guess cause everything she swears by, I go out and buy it and it works simply wonders for my skin and this is also one of them.

It is a very light gel like cream that goes on very smooth, I use it every other night as I am combining it with Liquid Gold . And I guess if you have a very sensitive skin maybe first get a sample then put it on. Just in case, you only have one face 😉

It is a French brand as usual, is there anything bad from French skincare ha ha ha no!, but we are so lucky here this one I can find in The Netherlands, it is not very expensive but not cheap either in between I guess. In IciParis we get it for 54,90 euros.

I love the texture, the pot, well I guess in a pump it would be more hygienic as it is big but its ok for me, the only downside of this for me is the strong smell to I don’t know what exactly to be honest, but not a huge fan of the smell, the rest perfect. I see considerable light and disappearing on some lines on my forehead specially the day after using it. 100% recommend it. But for sensitive skin once again please check a sample before just in case it is too strong. I personally have not had anything. I have combination skin. I am using it for 5 months now, in combination with my skincare.



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