Institut Esthederm UV inCellium Spray 100ml


My obsession with Anti-Aging technics still continues, so you can understand that once I read about this brand I was really blown away. Specially that they have special sun screens that don’t have an SPF number on them but specific to the skin itself, its pretty complicated at first to understand but genius in itself as I have never come across any brand that does that.

Now that I live in the North and the weather is really more cold than warm, I no longer need to slather 25 or 50SPF everyday on my face like I used to before, but I still want to protect it nevertheless. So when I read so much about this spray that is a UV protection for premature ageing and against the sun without been so heavy, I had to have it.

So here we are together in my bathroom, it is supposed to strengthen the skin self-defence against the harms of the sun. And also it can be used and in conjuction with other SPF if necessary. I always always like sprays for summer whether hydrating like the Chanel Hydra Mist that I use every summer to hydrate my skin while in the beach. And now this one for everyday.

At first when I sprayed it, it was a little strange on me, I guess maybe from masks or treatments I have been doing that week but now I just cannot be without it. And trust me afterwards you don’t even notice it. I don’t use foundation but I read that it can be sprayed over or before.

A new smart addiction to my spring/summer skincare that I am absolutely loving and not regretting at all buying. Once am in the pool or at the beach I will just combine it with a more higher SPF and I am good to go. I bought mine Feelunique, which is right now in offer, in case you are interested. As it doesn’t come cheap but its 100ml for currently 44,42 euros. 

This is my first item from this brand, anyone ever used this brand and is also in love with it? Let me know please below or in my other social medias mentioned on the side.

Thank you



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