” I am Limited Edition”…

I have been wanting this t-shirt for quiet some time and I have never got around to ordering it until lately and I just love the message, the quality and the great service of, the drawings are either classy or delicious with all the nice cakes and beautiful colours like a disney animation movie that temps you to want to have each and everyone of their designs in both a t-shirt and a sweater.

Hace tiempo que queria esta camiseta pero nunca he llegado a pedirla hasta ahora y la verdad me encanta el mensaje, la calidad y el gran atención del atención al cliente de la marca, los dibujos son realmente elegantes o mejor dicho deliciosos ya que hay dibujos de pasteles y los colores son tan vivos y bonitos como una peli de disney y eso da la gana de que queramos tener todas las camisetas y suéteres.






T-Shirt: Doll Memories

Skirt: H&M (old)

Sandals: Stella Luna

Bracelet & Earrings: H&M

Necklace: Etsy

Sunglasses: Chanel



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    Loving the skirt!

    • Sabrina Kara

      Thank you very much 😉 I have it for so many years now but still using it.

  • Kate

    We’ve very pleased that you like our products. XX

    • Sabrina

      Yes I do. Thank you very much for the fast delivery and great service :)