Life lately…Sunny days, Lots of Ice Cream & Good people

Hello everyone, after a hectic and busy long period of time it seems I will be getting back to normal as usual. Health wise much better, life is getting smoother and the weather is sunnier :). And as much as I would love to post new things on a daily basis I simply cannot and I just have to accept that once and for all.

After some positive changes lately, cannot help but be grateful very grateful and happy. And I guess with that you turn back and reflect on what has been for the last months or even years. First of all I cannot believe that I am in my fourth year living in The Netherlands, I cannot say bad things about the country as it has brought me lots of heartache (health wise) but it has been the foreign country I can say I have been most happy in. And after all, the older I am getting, I am hoping the wiser I am getting too…

Anyways, enough with the philosophy lesson and on to what has been lately. Really happy to be surrounded with really really nice people and I will for sure do a separate post on this but for now just want to say that if there is one thing I have learned from my life and from all the countries I have lived in, surrounding yourself with good people makes your life a hell a lot happier and better. Negative people are just positive energy eaters, go away far away from them.


A quote I really liked on Pinterest. Have been really obsessed with spending time browsing it. Check it out here.

I am a huge huge flower lover to the point that I am looking for a gardening course to join here close by, and of course I live in the best place on earth for that Holland.


Since Easter, my table has been full with flowers and good wishing cards, that brought so much colour to our house and great feeling inside to know that we have so many thoughtful people surrounding us. This has been the latest one, check out my instagram here for my table when it was full here.

And finally we have had amazing weather with lots of sunshine, sometimes wind but its ok and that got all of us sitting on the terrace in Etten-Leur my village here and eating Ice Cream. I love red bull, I only ever had it here and I am addicted to it, I can say that I eat in this place at least 3 times a week specially at the end of the day when I pass by and it is still open, I simply cannot resist. Its called Scoop.


Redbull & Stroopwafels (Dutch Famous Caramel Cookies) 

And one of the best cake places in Noord Braband that I have tried is in Etten-Leur and I am addicted to it. I cannot help it. Look at this beauty, cannot just not share. Its apple Tart which is a Dutch classic mixed with Strawberry…aahhhhh good lord you cannot go wrong at all with this. Now you know my weaknesses, aside from my husband 😉


If you are ever in Etten-Leur at opening hours please go here: ChiQoorij 



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