Misscha First Treatment Essence 150ml

Life has been simply way too busy and therefore had no time to post a proper blog post, I posted once in a while some updates or photos on both FB and Instagram but for the blog I simply had no time for the whole process. So here I am back again with a short review.

If you read my skincare regimen here you will notice that I am obsessed with SKII but the availability and the price is having me looking for alternatives all the time. And this above has been rated so good I could not just pass on it. So I have been using it for over a month now.


First lets start with the obvious comparison:

– SKII Facial Treatment Essence 150ml – 150,90$ here

– Misscha Time Revolution Essence 150ml – 60,90$ here

I took the website because that is the one I most buy from as it is the most convenient for me when I have no family or friends going to Asia and bringing me the products. The service is much faster than sasa and never had to pay extra taxes once delivered here in The Netherlands which happens a lot to me with sasa and some other website.

Now does it compare to SKII, YEEEEEES!!! there is a lot of similarities, texture, how to use it, benefits. What is different in my opinion; is the glass bottle which I prefer much better, (in SKII you don’t get glass bottles in all sizes), there is no smell which I prefer (SKII smells sometimes too strong for my taste), SKII has more sizes than Misscha if I am not mistaken; only one. But that is just fine for me, and I seem to also find much more offers with Misscha than with SKII, I bought mine originally 40$ which was a great bargain.

I won’t make this very long as there are several reviews on the internet which are much better and much more detailed than mine but for now will continue using it and if it keeps my skin so good as now, it seems I found a good dupe winner for my SKII Essence which honestly never though I would ever replace as it is my favourite item of SKII with the Eye Cream.

If anyone is familiar with both brands, has combination skin like I do and has different experience, please let me know below in the comments.

Thanks a lot.



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