Strasbourg – Valentine’s Celebration Weekend

It is like mini Venice in France, although it is small and can be visited entirely within 2 days, it is very beautiful and worth while a visit. It is German & French, which is pretty funny since the people speak French but the architecture and the heritage is German, with those typical German wooden houses that remind me of an episode of Heidi or visits to Austria for skiing.

For us coming from the Netherlands (Noord Brabant), it took us around 5 hours drive, it was really foggy and scary but at the end we made it. Luckily we had the hotel right at the center so it was heaven for me and hell for my man ha ha ha as I was close to all main shopping.

For the sightseeing we went for the top 10 recommended including the EU parliament but that was not one of the options I wanted to see and also it is away from the city. So below you will see the beautiful sightseeing really worth the visit and turns out are not very far from one another.

Strasbourg Cathedral




On the same place of the Cathedrale, there is an amazing super fantastic, delicious cafe or patisserie “Christian” that you have to visit. It is also where we bought our Valentine’s day cake featured on my Instagaram here and it was just amazing, you want to take everything back home, if you are like me a cake & chocolate fanatic. Details here



The Clock inside the Cathedral


The entrance is 2 euros and includes a video presentation.

Palais Rohan Strasbourg


La Place Gutenberg


On the left side of this photo above, the red part there is a beautiful German style restaurant “Aux Armes de Strasbourg” ย were we had lunch our last day and I super recommend it, it didn’t seem to stop to have people inside, I am guessing because the food is just too good;). Details are here please.

Petite France

Has been my favourite part of Strasbourg. I just loved it and went to it each day we were there, it is just so beautiful. Also, I did go to the famous restaurant “Maison Des Tanneurs ” here, literally you feel transported to another dimension in time. And the food ohhhh my god it is just to die for. I love food and when it is good, I have to repeat it thousands and thousands of times, also what was unique about it too, at least to me, the wine glasses had a small form on top which made them so cure, the white white been taller than the red wine. Check what we ate below:


Restaurant above mentioned ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Soup (courtesy of the restaurant)


My Starter Foie Gras ahhhh & Michel had Escargot. Check out the wine glasses. (in love)


Main course ๐Ÿ˜‰

For the Shopaholics

For all those who love shopping whenever in a new city, I will say that Strasbourg is perfect for that. As well as having all the typical high & low brands on the city, I observed that they had so many small lingerie stores, Chocolate stores and of course beautiful pharmacies that I always have to go to once I am in France. They always have so many good and effective products specially skincare (as I am addicted to skincare) and if you speak French it is even better they even explain in depth how to use and what is good for your skin type and what can make it better.


I have so many other photos but I control myself not to post them otherwise this will be a very long and boring post, I will try to post the rest on Instagram ha ha ha. Hope you get to visit this beautiful city for those who haven’t and have a great day ๐Ÿ˜‰




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