Weekend Anniversary in Luxembourg

For our 4 year anniversary, my hubby and I went for a short romantic weekend to a country that is so nearby and Michel has passed by several times by it from the highway but never went there either. 

It is small, quiet, clean, beautiful, peaceful, has amazing patisserie and delicious chocolate, and apparently the cheapest cigarets but not really interesting for us as we both don’t smoke, but for those who do, buy if you are around.

Please enjoy the photos below. If you are close by make sure you pass by. It is not so big but it is worth visiting. And if you have a sweet tooth like I do, try the patisserie there you will not regret it. It took me back to Paris 😉


Yes First photo had to be a Patisserie that we had breakfast at every day 😉


The place was called CG, Cathy Goedert


The Three Pointed Towers, considered Daniel Muller’s best work

Lux3The magnificent Parks that border the Petrusse



I really couldn’t believe it when I read in French that this is President house.



Lux9The Pont Adolph by Paul Sejourne 


Place du St. Esprit renovated in 1980s. With a breathtaking view beneath by lift!.

Other than all of this, this best part we did it all by foot. Also our hotel Sofitel Le Grand Ducal was very well located, not right at the centre but very close by foot so there was no need for us to take the car. May I also add that, the service, food and the room was just perfect. 


Room service at Sofitel. Everything spotless and delicieux 😉

I did not mention all the spots we visited but the average to visit all Spots will be max 3 days, another two spots which are a must see…


The Bronze Statue of Grand Duchess Charlotte “Mir hun lech gaer” meaning We love you.


The Chocolate House, its paradise for the sweet tooth like myself. Don’t leave without visit



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