Best combo in winter for skin

Since it has become cold, there is a ritual in my skincare routine that I have been doing for the past two months and I have seen a very positive result on my skin. My skin is clearer and radiant. 

First of all, I have combination skin with the occasional breakouts specially on my chin in that specific moment of the month. And also once it is cold the area around my nose becomes very dry even with flakes. 

As you know from my previous posts that I have an obsession with Asian Skincare products specially Japanese Brands and in particular SKII, see here. So after I tone & put my SKII essence I put a small dose all over my face of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, and bigger amounts on emerging pimples or scars, I let it absorb then I put my serum (will have a review on that soon) then I finish off with hydrating creme and at night I have replaced mine with the famous and most adored Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. And I must say that seriously it is perfection on my skin.

Best combo

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is a very light but hydrating moisturiser, at the beginning I didn’t really find it to be amazing just a normal moisturiser with a very light and soft feel on the skin, then when the area around my nose really dried out due first to a bad cold then to changing weather here, I applied a considerable amount in that area at night time for 2 days and honestly all was gone!. So it passed the test. It is known as a makeup remover and so on, but I didn’t use it that way and also don’t want to use it that way. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo is a pharmacy item and sometimes you can get two for a very good price. I got mine in french pharmacy this is why I had a good deal, but as well I only used to apply it on emerging or coming out pimples and it seems to make it better, less visible. I don’t find that it works well on very big and developed already pimples. But lately I put it all over my skin before my serum and after my toner and I feel that it is really a skin perfector just like it says on the tube (anti-Imperfections, unclogging & anti-mark). So now I use it daily both day & night. 

They are both not so expensive items but I must say that if you are an obsessed like myself for skincare, you will realise that these two items are really must have. I have combination skin and I don’t use any foundation I just put on my basic make up directly (mascara, concealer, blush & lipstick) so my skin is ok. But I feel that these two items right now in this cold weather have really made a difference. The embryolisse I guess you can get and find much better moisturiser, I have at least but the Roche-Posay I must say it is the first one for me to make a difference on pimples and imperfections. 



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