Easiest Meatballs


When I have no time, no energy and want to eat meat balls…well if I don’t end up going to Lidl here around the corner and getting a box of already made ones!!!, I prepare these ones below:

What you will need:

– Minced meat 500g

– 1 small shallot

– Fresh Coriander or Parsley (very small amount)

– Salt & Pepper

So lets start: Chop shallots and herbs


Then add Minced meat


Mix everything


Make little balls


Then reserve or fry (up to you)



I sometimes do them well in advance and keep them in the fridge, then once we want to eat I fry them in very small amount of olive oil in a non-stick pan.

There are so many ways to present these:

At dinner or lunch with pasta, rice or salad.

As a snack in a party, event or just visits.

Flat them and make them a bit bigger and they could be simple burgers.

Or as the meat in a simple tomato sauce for a delicious pasta plate.

Here below, I did them this week for dinner, as you can see I was not really up for cooking. So just with simple boiled rice with some butter, lettuce, Cucumber & tomato salad with a light dressing and thats it.  





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