I have really been so busy with work & so many other things that I really had no time to post anything. But that didnt mean that my obsession for makeup and skincare faded…

Lately I have been using so much stuff from Nivea I was wondering why I haven’t seen it before, specially after reading from other blogs and websites indicating that aparently there are ingredients in there which are similar to some in La Mer!!!, and god knows I love La Mer Cream but I dont love its price!

The one thing I am using daily and I bought backups of specially when there is a promotion 2X1 is the Makeup removers for combination skin, they are incredible and don’t irritate my skin…really really recommend them, here they are around 2,50euros. a pack of 25units.


And on a daily basis I have been using the cream all over my body specially after the gym every morning. The blue one the delicate and sensitive parts and the white one (Nivea Soft) all over cause its less greasy and absorbs so well.

I must say that I was really happy to find it in a tube version while I was in Belgium for the weekend because in Barcelona we only get it in the traditional pot. I find the tubes sooo much more practical and mess free.

Nivea tube


Also now in winter, I generally take a good amount of the classic blue nivea and lather it over all my dry patches and also my feet and put socks on and sleep, it is the best remedy for very dry feet and it leaves them so soft sciellay if you do it several times a week, in summer though it is a little bit more complicated to run around with socks…unless you live in the North Pole.





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