Dior Creme Abricot

Dior Abricot2

It’s a dark orange colour, very sticky, smells of peaches lighty, oily and has the same exact packaging as the Dior Rose Lipbalm here & also shown in photo as well. Very nice on your night table and also in your bag.

I am huge user of Dior products and most products have worked really well, so since I am so much into my nails, I decided to get this nail & cuticle cream that is suppossed to create the softess cuticles to your hands. So many raves but what’s the big deal here…maybe I don’t get it, could be a night treatment…it doesn’t mention it anywhere.

So, I personally use it by night; I even have it with the rose lipbalm side by side on my night table basically because it didn’t work for me by day. It is way too sticky and not really user friendly to use at the office which is why I bought it originally for.

Dior abricot 12

So conclusion it is pretty and fantastic since it is Dior but now after spending 26€ on this from Feelunique, I went and spent 2€ on Essence nail pens here cause they are more handy and easy to use…a bummer don’t you think…but hey all in all it does the job but only at night (Try putting it on using a q-tip to ease the stickiness) unless you are not going to touch anything during the day…impossible I guess for all ladies out there; only then YES!.



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