Tuna Pasta Salad

It is simple, easy and cheap and on the days that I really don’t feel like cooking this is my go to dinner plate as I always have Tuna & Tomatoes at home.

What you will need:

– Olive Oil

– Lemon (if not available, white vinegar)

– Green onions (if not available, chalots)

– Green Tomatoes (special for salad)

– Fusilli Multicolor Pasta

– Oregano

– Salt

Tuna pasta salad

I personally can really eat this salad a couple times a week, I can also combine chicken instead of Tuna and leave the rest of the ingredients the same.

Boil the pasta for the required time, then pour some olive oil and let it cool down, when am in a hurry after work, I generally put it in the freezer while I go ahead and prepare the rest of the ingredients. 

Cut, the chalots, tomatoes (put aside & add Oregano to them). Mix the tuna with lemon juice (you can use vinegar but lemon is best). 

Once Pasta is cold, add all ingredients and leave tomatoes to last as they generally retain a lot of water. Mix all and taste and add more salt and oregano. I love oregano so generally I put a lot. 

Enjoy and the rest put in a tupperware and take to work 😉

Tuna pasta salad2



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