Aveda Smooth Infusion naturally Straight

Aveda Smooth
I have never used the Aveda brand before but I have been reading alot of reviews and seeing loads of ads on the products on magazines and so on, so I decided to try one styling cream that caught my attention.

It claims to straighten the hair, make it softer, less frizzy and with consistent use it would make your hair stay straight for up to 3 days specially after using it 5 times in a row.

My case:

Hair type: Very Fine & Oily

Hair Colour: Natural brown, never bleached or colour changed!.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Dove or L’Oreal

Aveda Cream: Used for more than 5 times

The verdict:

Price: 27,95€

Bought from:

I have very fine hair so any cream literally makes it smooth and nice while blow drying, so yes it did help with straightening and the softening. I tend to use a little amount but this is because I have very greasy hair; and I like to use the less possible products in order to not make it worst as my hair doesn’t last the whole day looking clean and oil free! so this is why I try to fiddle to the minimum with it.

Another thing, it has a citrus smell to it which I happen not to like since I also don’t even stand the smell of Mandarinas…etc but it is not overwhelming. Now; the only issue I have with it is that my main and biggest issue been Frizz it doesn’t seem to do much, of course the day I use the cream, it stays straight and all that but if I am on my bike that same day and its a little windy or humid I didn’t really see the difference as to any other straightening cream!

So once again I have not found a cream that really makes the hair frizz free, other than that, my hair does stay straight and smooth.




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