Hair Drama…


When it comes to hair, I get sold on everything that stop frizz, oil, thickening…all these magic words always have me buying more and more products that are over priced and at the end never work for me.

So lets start with my hair status, I am very very fine hair wavy hair on bad days and somewhat straight on good days. Very greasy therefore I HAVE to wash it everyday and really cannot get away with one day not washing you really can tell, and non of the dry shampoos and miracle workers have really done anything to stop that.

Now the products below is what have really helped and I have seen a considerable change but again, non absolutely non have helped with frizz, it is the one thing that I cannot find anything to fight it no matter how expensive or cheap or natural the product is, it simply doesnt work with my hair.

Haifinity supplements: I have been using it now for over 2 months and I must say that it is only lately that I start seeing a difference, I have longer hair and somehow shiny and healthy, a lot of people have noticed. Now, I have a kind of small boldness in the front part of my hair and I cannot see that it has done anything to that, so guess maybe another 2 months more! Would I recommend it, Yes.


Amla Oil: This is a really oily oil so use it sparingly, I actually bought a spray bottle that you can get anywhere for couple of euros and then filled in the oil then when I want to use it I just spray it; that way I control the amount I put on my hair, otherwise it really gets super oily, and if I am in a hurry the next day or when I want to wash and I wash it too fast, it stays oily so be careful with that. It is really nice for softness and shine of the hair but the only issue I have with it is that my frizz gets worst, or is it just me…

Coconut Oil: There are millions and millions of reviews on coconut oil, now for me it also works for growth and shine but again like Amla oil I get frizz less than with Amla but i still get a lot of frizz so is it just me or everyone gets this?

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime: I bought the strengthening spray leave in conditioner, and I must say it is really nice for giving a little lift and volume to my hair so will keep using it for now but as usual I am still in a hunt for a really effective and good product for FRIZZ, my biggest nightmare. 



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