Rebecca Minkoff – Mini Mac Bag in Lipstick

I have to say that I was really happy to receive my bag from the US in less than 4 days, but what I was not happy about is that I had to pay 34€ extra! for the taxes here once it arrived to Holland; while checking out for my order online, it indicated all is included, which I really don’t understand. Same happens to me when I want to order from Hong Kong or China!!! In Barcelona I never experienced that…guess it is different laws here in Netherlands that I am not aware about nor used to from home.


I got to know about this bag: Mini Mac bag in colour Lipstick with gold hardware from so many raves on magazines and online reviews. So after that I decided to get it and in the  red colour which is so beautiful and gives a pop of colour to the cloudy days and sober clothes I wear here in the North.


It is handy, light, big enough for the necessary and comes with a dust bag which is similar to the inside of the bag. The only thing I took off was the ribbons I don’t know how to call them, that were at the zipper to open the main pocket of the bag, the rest I left. You can use it alone or as a clutch or as a bag inside of your daily big one!

I first bought it mid of October 2012 and I find it to be of great quality…I use it almost every weekend and I took it nearly everywhere even to DisneyLand Hong Kong 😉 the proofs are below…



And this last one, I posted just recently august 2013, after coming back from holidays with a tan and flushy red colour of the bag…so also used it in summer 🙂




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