Before I start, I want to say that it is really luxury at its best and in this post I will indicate why…

Antes de empezar debo decir que realmente es lujo absoluto a todos los niveles y a continuacion indicare el porque…

First of all, I got to know this brand only about a year and some months ago since I live in the Netherlands. Considering it is the oldest fine leather luxury brand in the world, it exists since 1829. So it feels like having a treasure in your hand, for me in a big way it is because it has a sentimental value to it more than material.



I have been introduced to this brand by my man, and for my birthday I got my first Delvaux bag displayed in the photos below.


I must say before my birthday, I had gone to the store in several occasions in Antwerp; Belgium. What drew my attention the most; is the service in the store, it is simply excellent, and let me tell you most of the times I went there I had not purchased anything simply looking and trying and even then the sales ladies have been nothing but wonderful all the time and always with a nice smile and a kind comment. It makes me at least get out from there with a nice feeling of wanting always to come back.

For my first Delvaux, I didn’t want one from the permanent collection, not because I don’t like them, I absolutely love all of them but for my first one and been so special to be gifted by my special one, I got the limited edition and let me tell you I am so in love with it.


Madame Mini Polo (supple calf hide) poudré & patte d’autruche (ostrich leg) Rose.Link


Another detail, was the story of the actual bag that came in the little booklet below; telling the story of the bag. I found that so adorable and thoughtful to put so much effort in making it so special.



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