Surviving winter


In Copenhagen with my ski jacket these past holidays.

Since I live in the Netherlands now for two years, I have learned a thing or two on how to survive the winter, as my home Barcelona cannot really teach me about that. These are some things that have made winter or the cold days more pleasant 😉

Investing in a good pair of boots is super important when wanting to live in the North of Europe, I must say before moving here I have not owned so many boots like nowadays, I now wear my pumps at parties, home or at the weekends if the transportation is going to be mainly the car!

Boots: Sorel Conquest Carly Boot

This is the best boot for winter and I am so happy I bought it a couple of months ago, its warm, comfortable and you won’t feel a thing no matter the weather condition. And they look super good on!. It was the only pair of shoes I took with me while visiting Denmark (Copenhagen) this past xmas.



In Copenhagen this Christmas holidays.

Drinks: Chocomel with cream or/& Fresh mint tea

I am not a big fan of coffee basically I never drink it so most of the time I ask for green tea or  since I am in Holland I order fresh mint tea which is literally what its name says, fresh leaves of mint in hot water served with honey or sugar & generally the accompany it with a little cookie. The next is Chocomel, which is chocolate milk in a cup with dripping sweet cream on top, I love love love it.


Hand Cream: Eucerin Repair Hand cream 5% Urea

Forget your fancy hand creams, in the North you will need a heavy duty hand cream which you can buy from the pharmacy or what the Dutch call Apotheek.





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