Copenhagen – Denmark

The little Maid1

It was the first time for me in Denmark & in a Scandinavian country, I have heard a lot about Scandinavia but never had the chance to visit untill this past Christmas Holidays and I enjoyed it sooo much, see below what made me smile:

Strøget: It is a long pedestrian street full of amazing shops & cafes with a big square in the middle where there is a fountain and on each of the side there are two very nice cafes, which I found a must see if you go to Copenhagen.Within this street there was:

Stroget street

shopping center

Georg Jensen: I absolutely love this designer danish brand, its so minimalistic & gives a chic flair to all, so went inside bought a couple of things & drooled over the rest…

Lego Store: A must see,considering its origins is danish, very suitable for a typical danish souvenir.

Lego Copenhagen

Café Norden: It is a very warm & cosy place right at the corners of the main square of stroget street. With lots of white candles, that is something that you see in most places and it gives a very romatic vibe to all bars, cafes & restaurants. We went every afternoon while we were there 🙂

Cafe CopenhagenThat is me with a cold face, all my expressions have been frozen from the wind. Which the hot chocolate brought back to life later on…

Story by Kranz & Ziegler: Of course there was Pandora & Pilgrim that were two brands which were familiar to me & I particularly liked a lot Pilgrim when it first came to Barcelona years ago, not a huge fan of Pandora though. But Story I found it to have very original designs, again the same concept like pandora with building your own bracelets and so on but with a sofisticated & modern flare to them. And an original magnetic lock.

City Hall Square:

We were lucky that the City Hall was about 10 mins walking distance from our hotel. It is free entrance and we could see it from our hotel window. Has that fairy tale / medievil atmosphere to it in my opinion since outside there some status coming directly out of a fairytale story. Inside it has a huge hall where we saw several people getting married. The different part about it I found is that people didn’t seem to be super elegant for the wedding, they just were getting married very casual…while we in the South make such a fuzz, can it be due to the extreme cold?!

City hall

City hall copenhagen 2

Tivoli Gardens

Literally 5 minutes away from city hall, Tivoli gardens is considered one of the oldest amusement park in Europe. Now, there is a lot of excitement & hype for a park that I found rather small, very commercial and lacking of that old flare to it. First, you have to pay an entrance fee of about 13 euros each, then once inside the few attractions that there are you also have to pay them seperately. It is cheerful and full of light specially that we visited it at night in order to see everything lighted up but it seemed to me to be more commercial on a culinary side than anything else, it had more restaurants & food related shops then attractions so in that aspect of the trip Tivoli was a small disappointment. The best part of Tivoli was the fountain classic music show. And also I guess if you have little kids it can also be exciting but I would think a little pricey as the entrance fee doesn’t allow you to get on the attraction without extra payment.




This has to be my favourite part of Copenhagen, it is the old port filled with old houses & fancy, romantic restaurants, at first sight it reminded me of Curacao due to the colourful buildings it is characterised by. We had dinner the first night there and all the restaurants & bars seem to have this huge romantic theme with candle lights filling up a cosy atmosphere in every place. And visiting the area with a bike, is just perfect you get to appreciate more the city and what it has to offer. Super Super; bike friendly city. I recommend it to everyone visiting it is a must that you will not regret, and super easy since our own hotel rented us the bikes.


 The Little Mermaid

One of the most famous attractions & symbols of the city. Specially that it is an inspiration of the love fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, it is a small bronze & granite sculpture that the brewer Carl Jacobsen gifted to the City of Copenhagen. It is a must see and you will not be dissapointed, well maybe by the size but I am a petite woman so I just loved it and found the story to be so heartwarming, she gives up everything to be with the love of her life and there she always waited for him by the harbor. Love to think just like me…following my love from Spain to Holland…ha ha ha 😉

The Big Mermaid

This mermaid below we found while biking about 10 mins away from the original one. Which I also found it to be very gorgeous 😉 Apparently it is supposed to be the big sister of the small one and is 4 meters. I read it has been made cause a lot of people were dissapointed at how small the original one was. But I personally like both, the small has a history and a ballet show about it and last august 2013 she became 100 years old while this one is since June 2007.

Big Mermaid

The Round Tower

For this, first advice take a deep breath as it is round and long and there is no elevator but once you are at the very top, all your breath will be taken away as it has an amazing view to Copenhagen, since the city doesn’t have a lot of tall buildings, you will be amazed at how beautiful it is from the very top. Take a scarf and a hat if you visit in winter as it is a very very windy city and when you are on a high level you will feel it even more.

 The Blue Planet

It is at the water and surrounded by water so literally you feel in the water. It is funny as it is right next to the airport, and very easy to access from City center on public transport, there is a bus that takes you directly and takes about 30 mins more or less. It is fun and nice, but found it to be too small. Or maybe I was just too spoiled to see other big ones before!. For people with kids it is a definite good choice, for couples I guess you can pass on it, if you have seen Aquariums before. In our case, it was our last day and we wanted to fill the day with another activity as the rest of activities outside the city would take too long.

The Amalienborg Palace & change of Guards

It is a huge square, very impressive and royal!. And at first sight arriving by bike, the royal guards looked to be like cute little toys, felt so sorry for them to be standing like that in the cold but it is a huge honor, not everyone can do that. It is a must see, half an hour before 12pm already a lot of tourists gather to see the change of the guards. It was long but very exciting. I even made a video of it but it takes a while so layer clothes on and prepare for the show, as it starts at 11:30am. And the guards you can only have a photo next to them by been 10 meters far.

Copenhagen soldiers

 The Botanical Garden

It was a pity cause we were too late, it was closed by the time we arrived to the Gardens so we just parked our bikes and walked around it and it is so nice, I can only imagine how impressive it is in blooming spring or the warm summer.

botanical garden


Copenhagen is a beautiful city full of history, amazing castles, buildings, designs, romantic restaurants,  nice polite people that all speak very good english and are very helpful. The weather of course is very cold but its the wind; the killer, so make sure you layer clothes, I had my skiing jacket on and thick socks and warm, confy boots on there all the time while doing tourism.

The only question remains to me, Danish people are good looking & stylish but I didn’t understand why everybody specially the women were dressed in black all the time? Any Danish can tell me please, is it a tradition? or Religious?

copenhagen on bike




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