******Happy Holidays******


I must say I was very happy to be finally on holidays last friday for christmas, a lot has happened in the past; almost two years that I have been living in the Netherlands. The last months of the year have gone by very fast; probably too fast if you ask me.

The first year I came to the Netherlands, too much was happening both privately and professionally so I really didn’t have time to digest my new adoptive country but this year I had time to enjoy, to reflect, to comment, to complain, to admire…etc about everything Holland has to offer.

So before I wish you happy holidays and share with you a couple of my favorite moments of this season, I would like to wish for Christmas that: The Netherlands has more holidays, coming from Spain, it is hard to have so few holidays, you arrive to the end of the year about to cut your vains ;P…


Once again I celebrated Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, like the past 3 years ;). How can you not like a celebration where you get the first letter of you name in Chocolate, I love it. And the presents are supposed to be something you make accompanied with a poem, it cannot get any better, by far my favorite Dutch celebration.


Also celebrated in the office, where everyone buys something to someone, not exceeding a certain amount. Similar to secret santa, but here its Sinterklaas. Either way its fun. Have some really great colleagues so very happy about that.



Xmas Eve

xmas collage 1


Hotel New York Rotterdam


Up there, I am dancing with the wind. We have had super windy days last sunday & monday. Here it is last sunday where I was about to fly after dinner in Hotel New York Rotterdam, I love the food there. Yummyyyy.

Cirque Stilleto 2


I loved this show, it was my first time to see Ellen Ten Damme shows. It is a mixture between cabaret, circus and a singing show. She sings in english, german & dutch with a comedy acts which I found hilarious. My dutch is not that great but I was able to understand most of it.




Wishing you all a great Christmas & a joyful holidays this season.




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