Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm


So I picked up this lip balm as a replacement recommended by the sales women at Ici Paris because they didn’t have the one I wanted from Chanel. So she was raving at how great it is and all that and I even tried it. At the beginning seeing that it was a light honey looking balm I sort of knew that it is not the typically consistency of balms that I like and was I right or was I right…yes I was right it doesn’t work for my lips.

The sales woman said, it is sticky at the beginning and then it is nice on the lips, yes it is right and it does give a sort of a glossy finish but it does nothing absolutely nothing for dry lips.

I think if I was back home in Barcelona, yes it is perfect for that weather but here in the North in The Netherlands, the weather is really cold and my lips get very dry so I want something that work and you would think something costing 45euros would really do the trick, well sorry not for me.



Now advantages to the product are few for me:

– Sticky at first but then once on lips its soft and glossy

– Comes with spatula so you can spread the balm

– No overwhelming smell – actually no smell at all

– A lot of product will last very long 9g

Disadvantages to the product for me:

– Price 45 euros 

– Cheap plastic package

– Sticky balm, which is hard to work with

– No hydrating at all even after night

– No way does it work for eyes, I wouldn’t recommend it at least.

– Only sits nice and glossy on lips (for that buy a gloss!)

– I don’t recommend it

– I won’t buy it again

And lastly if you are interested in trying this product or it worked for you, I don’t mind exchanging it for something else. I only used it a couple of times and with spatula. Contact me if you like.



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