YSL Forever Light Creator Serum


Although my skincare routine has not changed a lot in the past years, as you know I am a big faithful and fan of SKII products in combination with La Mer cream in winter, they just happen to work really really well for me so why change!. But what I have not found yet and keep changing is Serums, I have not found a Serum that I say is perfect and I don’t want to use anything else.

Aunque mi routina para la piel no ha cambiado mucho en los ultimos anos, soy una gran fiel a la marca SKII y la Mer en invierno, es que funcionan tan bien con mi piel que no quiero cambiar, para que!. Pero lo que siempre estoy buscando es un buen serum, aun no he encontrado uno que sea perfecto.

I must say that I was super curious to try it specially after that my hubby said there are women on waiting lists for it as he read it on Dutch news paper and of course doesn’t give me all the details so went looking for it on my friend google when I stumbled over this article on British Telegraph: Link so of course I had to get it, it can’t be that so many women are wrong and that is exactly what I did. Although I must say it was not so difficult to get it in Holland. I could get it at both Bijenkorf & Douglas at the same price.

Debo decir que tenia muchisima curiosidad en probar este serum ya que mi novio encontro en el periodico Holandes que aparentemente habia hasta lista de espera de mujeres antes de que este producto saliera, y como los hombres no dan tanta informacion empeze a buscar en google y encontre mas o menos lo mismo en un articulo en British Telegraph: Link, entonces claro que tenia que probarlo, tantas mujeres no pueden estar equivocadas. Aunque debo decir que no ha sido tan dificil para mi encontrarlo aquí, estaba en Douglas y un sitio que es como nuestro Corte Ingles en Espana. 

Ok so now lets start with the products itself. The bottle is glass which I generally like it makes me feel they will be conserved better, its just me. It has a dispenser tube that you can get the product out of but I don’t really use, first cause it gives out a lot of product and second it is just easier for me when I am in hurry in the morning to just take a bit which is already on the tube.

Bueno pues ahora a hablar del producto. Primero viene en una botella de cristal lo cual prefiero, me da la impression asi se conserva mejor. El tubo para sacar el producto no lo uso mucho la verdad porque por la manana cuando tengo tanta prisa solo saco lo que ya hay en el tubo y tampoco se necesita tanto.

Bottle YSL

It is a very light texture that dries super fast so you can put soon after your cream…etc. The smell is the typical YSL skincare products which is not so strong and I find it very pleasant but I cannot describe it, sorry. And it is a transparent color with a reflective rainbow on it, similar to shimmer but not exactly that. Check photo below please.

La textura es super ligera y se seca super rapido asi puedo poner la crema hydratante justo después. El olor es tipico de YSL que no es muy fuerte y a mi me gusta pero no se como describirlo, lo siento. Es un color transparente con reflejos de brillantes pero no tan fuertes, mirar abajo por favor. 

YSL texture

I find it to be very nice, pleasant on the skin and that after three months I can say that this product really really seriously work. Again, I don’t use any foundation ever except sometimes BB cream and now CC cream from Chanel that I am trying a sample of and I am obsessed with glowy skin.

Personalmente me gusta muchisimo este serum y despues de utilizarlo durante 3 meses puedo decir que funciona. Eso si, no uso base solo a veces BB cream y ahora probando Chanel CC cream que estoy probando una muestra.

However, I must highlight the fact that it is a clarifying serum; meaning it evens out your skin tone, gives it more light but does nothing for wrinkles, which means I need another serum for that which also is in the same range apparently as it is called YSL Youth Liberator Serum, let me know if you have tried it please as I am curious as to can you use both together?

Pero debo indicar que este serum es mas para clarificar la piel, dar mas brillo y dar la tez mas uniformidad, eso si no combate las arrugas, lo cual significa que necesito otro serum para las arrugas que aparentemente hay uno en la misma gama llamado YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, por favor, si alguien lo ha usado decirme que tal os ha ido y si se pueden usar los dos juntos?



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