Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sunny Day happy day OOTD

So one of the biggest struggles I have is posting outfits, I would love to do them more often but I simply either have no time or no one to take photos of me. So I just decided from now on I will use my selfie stick (magic stick in video below ha ha ha) to make a video and that way I can show the whole outfit and the make up on day light. what do

Light Zara tops

Zara does it every year bringing out these light weight but flattering tops that you can wear  loose and in my case love them specially if I am going to eat a lot they are not tight enough to emphasise my belly, am sure you understand what I mean. In this outfit I have in Mint Green but I also have it in white here and recently this new collection

Kiehls Eye Cream with Avocado

I want to make a short review on this strange but amazing eye cream. First I want to say that I have my pot since last year and I only use it on night time and sometimes during the day in the weekends when am at home without much stuff on my face. Quiero escribir brevemente sobre esta crema que es muy rara y increíble al mismo tiempo. En primer

Tomato sauce on fire

I am a huge obsessed and a big lover of spicy food, I can really eat everyday very very spicy food but the artificial sauces in the glass jars generally bloat me, or give me breakouts so I eat them or add them to my meals occasionally. Si hay algo que me obsesiona, es la comida picante, muy muy picante. Puedo realmente comer picante cada día, pero

Life lately…Sunny days, Lots of Ice Cream & Good people

Hello everyone, after a hectic and busy long period of time it seems I will be getting back to normal as usual. Health wise much better, life is getting smoother and the weather is sunnier :). And as much as I would love to post new things on a daily basis I simply cannot and I just have to accept that once and for all. After some positive changes

Misscha First Treatment Essence 150ml

Life has been simply way too busy and therefore had no time to post a proper blog post, I posted once in a while some updates or photos on both FB and Instagram but for the blog I simply had no time for the whole process. So here I am back again with a short review. If you read my skincare regimen here you will notice that I am obsessed with SKII