Monthly Archives: August 2014

Dior Creme Abricot

It's a dark orange colour, very sticky, smells of peaches lighty, oily and has the same exact packaging as the Dior Rose Lipbalm here & also shown in photo as well. Very nice on your night table and also in your bag. I am huge user of Dior products and most products have worked really well, so since I am so much into my nails, I decided to get

Aveda Smooth Infusion naturally Straight

I have never used the Aveda brand before but I have been reading alot of reviews and seeing loads of ads on the products on magazines and so on, so I decided to try one styling cream that caught my attention. It claims to straighten the hair, make it softer, less frizzy and with consistent use it would make your hair stay straight for up to 3 days