Model for a day…

I was asked to be a face for a brochure for a Spa here in the Netherlands, in Gouda. It was through a Dutch girl friend who though I fit perfectly for what they were looking for and recommended me for this. So I was very happy to do it and I am sharing the photos now with you. the Spa is: Me han preguntado para ser imagen para un

Blog Action Day 2013 – Human Rights

For many years I have wondered why certain injustices of human rights still prevail. I say to myself: "we should be more educated, more aware, more tolerant, at least nowadays; we seem to have the means for it and availability", but yet certain nations seem to move backwards instead of forward. I am thinking the 23 year old girl, monstrously

Blog Action Day 2013!

I just found out about this while reading as usual other updates, news & blogs online. So I have registered for this coming wednesday 16th of October 2013. Concerning Human Rights.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

So I bought this product thinking it would be the master of the lip balms, mmm well the packaging of course is very nice, the colour, the smell...but I don’t find it really a lip balm not in my opinion. I find it to be more of a lip stain than a lip balm and yes it hydrates but only when my lips are ok, if my lips are super dry it doesn't seem to

St. Ives Apricot Scrub – Queen Helene Mint Mask

Actually now that I am back to Barcelona, I cannot really get St. Ives products nor Queen Helene famous mint julep mask, so I have to order them from the UK via Ahora que estoy de vuelta a Barcelona, no puedo encontrar los productos St. Ives y Queen Helene, solo si los compro desde Amazon UK. I can say that I have been using the St.

From Shanghai back to Barcelona :)

Hello Everyone, Hello to all beauty addicts out there :) Hola a todos, My obsession with beauty and specially skincare started about 4 years ago when I moved from Barcelona to Shanghai and had so many skin problems due to pollution. So I started searching on products that would suit my skin but also fight the heavy pollution in Shanghai, and be