Easy Veggie Layers

You guys know that I am all about easy cooking. The only time I spend a long time is when there is a special occasion or I am really in a very good mood for cooking which is generally the weekends as I have enough time to be all creative. So this recipe is created literally one day when I only had these ingredients in the fridge nothing else. So I

Tomato sauce on fire

I am a huge obsessed and a big lover of spicy food, I can really eat everyday very very spicy food but the artificial sauces in the glass jars generally bloat me, or give me breakouts so I eat them or add them to my meals occasionally. Si hay algo que me obsesiona, es la comida picante, muy muy picante. Puedo realmente comer picante cada día, pero

Tuna Pasta Salad

It is simple, easy and cheap and on the days that I really don't feel like cooking this is my go to dinner plate as I always have Tuna & Tomatoes at home. What you will need: - Olive Oil - Lemon (if not available, white vinegar) - Green onions (if not available, chalots) - Green Tomatoes (special for salad) - Fusilli Multicolor Pasta -

Easiest Meatballs

  When I have no time, no energy and want to eat meat balls...well if I don't end up going to Lidl here around the corner and getting a box of already made ones!!!, I prepare these ones below: What you will need: - Minced meat 500g - 1 small shallot - Fresh Coriander or Parsley (very small amount) - Salt & Pepper So

Rijks Museum & RTL Live Show

For our anniversary, my hubby surprised me with a date in Amsterdam. The very first city I ever visited of the Netherlands and which I love. I wouldn't want to live here but I love to occasionally visit, sit at terrace, walk, shop, eat..etc. First stop was Rijks Museum after checking in, in one of the oldest hotels in Amsterdam I am told American