Gouverneur Restaurant Curacao

Ohhh my god, I have been in this restaurant the first time around when we were in Curacao and this time we had to go again twice. I just love it. The service is great, the people are so nice and the location is to die for right at the Willemstad Centre looking at the water and the beautiful multicolour buildings. And the food is just

Papagayo Beach & Lounge Resort Curacao

We just recently got back from our vacation in Curacao, this is the second time that we go there (For the first time, which was 2 years ago, you can read here). The first time it was 2 years ago and we did the 3 ABC Islands. But this time, we just wanted to explore a bit more the Island of Curacao as it was our favourite one  from the three. And

Strasbourg – Valentine’s Celebration Weekend

It is like mini Venice in France, although it is small and can be visited entirely within 2 days, it is very beautiful and worth while a visit. It is German & French, which is pretty funny since the people speak French but the architecture and the heritage is German, with those typical German wooden houses that remind me of an episode of Heidi

Weekend Anniversary in Luxembourg

For our 4 year anniversary, my hubby and I went for a short romantic weekend to a country that is so nearby and Michel has passed by several times by it from the highway but never went there either.  It is small, quiet, clean, beautiful, peaceful, has amazing patisserie and delicious chocolate, and apparently the cheapest cigarets but not really

Bali – A nightmare in paradise…

Last saturday, we put closure to what has been the worst holiday we ever had; by ironically having dinner in an Indonesian Restaurant in Breda called Bali, which happens to be one of our favourite restaurant in the area. As the "Rijsttafel" was been displayed before our eyes, my hubby and I started discussing the fact of been so grateful to be

ABC Islands – Second stop: Bonaire

If I had one word to describe Bonaire Island, that word would be "easy". It is a super natural and a relaxed Island. If you come here, be prepared to relax and join the peace. It is funny since even the foreigners living in Bonaire seem to have adapted this tranquility, no stress nor fuzz attitude ;). From the three ABC Islands, Bonaire is the

ABC Islands – First stop: Curacao

The small person sitting in letter C, is me... I am so longing for Summer holidays that I remembered our amazing holidays of last July 2013 and decided to share with you the most amazing beaches and places I have seen up to date. As my man is Dutch, he said to me last year we will stay in Holland...ignorant I though it was somewhere within the
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