Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm

So I picked up this lip balm as a replacement recommended by the sales women at Ici Paris because they didn't have the one I wanted from Chanel. So she was raving at how great it is and all that and I even tried it. At the beginning seeing that it was a light honey looking balm I sort of knew that it is not the typically consistency of balms that I

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum

Although my skincare routine has not changed a lot in the past years, as you know I am a big faithful and fan of SKII products in combination with La Mer cream in winter, they just happen to work really really well for me so why change!. But what I have not found yet and keep changing is Serums, I have not found a Serum that I say is perfect and I

Su Chen’s

When I first moved to Holland, I went through very crazy adventures getting to find a good beauty salon that fits with what I really want. I had my eye brows over plucked; till I look like Edith that time at least it was in fashion to look like that, but I just looked ridiculous, having a horrible allergy reaction due to waxing, badly

Sun day…Mask day

Every sunday I have a ritual that I follow every single week unless I am out or I am not in my own house. It is the only way to keep my skin clean on a cheap cause it would be really pricey & I am guessing not healthy to have a facial every week. Cada domingo sigo un ritual y lo sigo cada semana solo si estoy fuera de casa. Es la unica manera

SKII StemPower Essence

StemPower Essence. Link I have been waiting to be able to buy this Essence since it came out in Asia but I have to buy it online so I had to wait an eternity to buy it, as it was not available till it came out for a couple of months. There was so much advertising aparently in Singapore Airport and raves and reviews; being such a huge fan of SKII I


I have been using this brand for over 5 years and I must say it is the best I have tried that maintain the skin clear and bright. And trust me I have tried a lot from La Mer to Chanel and Christian Dior, Olay ...etc. With this I am not indicating that they don't work but each had a different function on my skin. The best serum I have tried is from


I have really been so busy with work & so many other things that I really had no time to post anything. But that didnt mean that my obsession for makeup and skincare faded... Lately I have been using so much stuff from Nivea I was wondering why I haven't seen it before, specially after reading from other blogs and websites indicating that
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